The SNES Podcast #177 — Pocky and Rocky

In this episode of the SNES Podcast, Greg and Joe were joined by guest Alex to talk about one of his favorite shooters on the SNES — Pocky and Rocky! This obscure Nastume game licensed from Taito allows you to play the role of either shrine maiden Pocky or squirrel Rocky as you blast through six stages a la Commando or Ikari Warriors to stop an evil force. This totally over the top game full of Japanese charm is very similar to Legend of the Mystical Ninja in it’s Japan-ese look and feel. Just be prepared to play via emulation if you’d like to play this interesting game!

Please be aware that Alex sadly lost his audio file after recording the podcast so you will only hear Joe and I speak about the game. I have invited Alex to submit a audio submission and if he does so at a future date then we will include it in a podcast. However, this game was Alex’s pick and so we want to thank him very much for introducing us to yet another little known SNES game.

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