Turn It Up: New Music Releases for June 2018

As summer approaches and the sun is out, we’re all beginning to come out of the winter funk. This month’s music is bound to give the perfect transition soundtracks, with artists we haven’t heard from in so long welcoming us back with their lights once again. Let’s see what’s on tap to kick off summer right!

Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer

Release date: 6/1

Father John Misty is an artist name I hear and know I like, but can never put my finger on why. There’s never a song I can point out or an album that was particularly important. I just know that what I’ve heard has been good.

This latest is Josh Tillman’s fourth album, bringing back these folksy sounds that resonate through the speakers. “Please Don’t Die” seems completely fitting, but then you get this fascinating late-Beatles-esque sound to “Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of the All.” I suppose at this point it wouldn’t be surprising to find out he mixed the album at Third Man Studios.

While I’m not immediately seeing any notes of influences in this music (I’m also not looking terribly hard – I like coming at this with my own fresh views), “Just Dumb Enough to Try” seems to harken to Elton John’s classics, heavy on the Piano and moving at a steady pace. It once again brings a twist to the sound.

The preview of the album we get ends with “Mr. Tillman,” almost encompassing all the styles thus far, giving it an overall unique quality. So, all-in-all, not quite sure what to expect on an album level, but one thing’s for sure – this won’t be a boring listen.

Other 6/1 releases:

Owl City – Cinematic

Ben Howard – Noonday Dream

Sugarland – Bigger

Release date: 6/8

I’m. So. Excited. For. This. Album!

This is Sugarland’s first album in eight years. EIGHT. That’s a lot of years! Granted, both members have been busy with various projects, but it’s good to have them back together, and, as the first single says “Still The Same.”

They haven’t missed a beat and are wasting no time excitedly giving us music to hear. Jennifer’s voice is still so strong and inspiring. “Bigger” brings back the lighthearted sound they are so good at, with a message of hope in a crazy world, preaching that we’re born for more. This band breathes out life to its listeners.

I heard “Babe” on the radio a few days ago and went “wait, that’s sounds like Jennifer Nettles… and that sounds like Taylor Swift… huh?” Thank you Siri, for breaking the code – this awesome single is out there and the rhythms are as infectious as ever. If you missed country Taylor, by the way, this will help you get that fix.

“Mother” might be my one sticking point here… it would bring you to tears to if you heard the line “as long as she’s alive you’re not alone.” One of these days I’m going to make a list of songs I hate/love from artists I just flat out love.

While the group started on such a strong positive note, we’re ending with the hard stuff here in “Tuesday’s Broken.” Sugarland is so much fun but can be just as heartbreaking. The band is giving us a preview of all the sides in this initial teaser group of songs. Yes, you will get every emotion, and after eight years of waiting, it’s time to let us feel it all.

Other 6/8 releases:  

Lily Allen – No Shame

Dierks Bentley – The Mountain

Christina Aguilera – Liberation

Release date: 6/15

XTina is one of those powerhouse artists I grew up trying to imitate – vocally. The power in this woman’s voice always astounded me, even if there were some artistic choices she made that I couldn’t relate to. There never failed to be a song like “Just a Fool” or “Beautiful” or “The Voice Within” embedded in an album that would totally turn my world upside-down.

Now, while expecting that to happen somewhere in this track listing, “Accelerate” isn’t it. Not yet at least. This track is the one for the clubs so that you get Christina back in your ears and start feeling her in your soul.

“Twice” is the one that I would have expected to be more of an interlude sound in the album, where you’re amazed by the harmonies, but would never hear it on the radio. Yet, a few weeks ahead of the album, we do get this soulful stripped-down sound that will show you that Christina is here to show you everything this go around.

Demi Lovato is a newer Christina whether we like it or not, with those insanely powerful pipes to knock you out. The collaboration was due sometime in our lifetime, and we no longer must wait. I need to go back and watch the BBMA performance, because this is an anthem to move you to your core. Females will be feeling this one hard, and it’s bound to draw everyone in for more on this upcoming album.

Other 6/15 releases:

Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic

5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood 

Panic! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked

Release date: 6/22

Oh please, I’ve already had two of the three singles that are out on repeat for the past month.

Brandon Urie is coming off a successful run in “Kinky Boots” on Broadway with some impressive musical aspirations on this album, clearly. He’s got a lot of words in there with the ever picturesque imagery flowered throughout. He’ll make you dance and make you feel and make you re-contemplate your entire life choices to date.

“High Hopes” will have the audience dancing and preaching to the sky about how they had dreams and thinking about how they may not be reaching them. Maybe it’s the melodic choices, but there’s actually something oddly hopeful in this song despite the ideas that maybe it’s not all playing out right.

“(Fuck A) Silver Lining” is not my favorite of the three (I did say two of the three earlier, right?), so I’m commenting on it next to end on the best note. Not that you needed to know my logic or maybe even wouldn’t have known what I did without it, but hey – my article, my rules. Anywhos, this song it’s bad, but it’s just a way to throw yours hands up and say screw it, it seems. In other words, a mode I can’t always get myself into.

Now, “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” is an astounding little piece to me. It’s essentially that idea of acting out on Saturday and praying it out on Sunday. Not totally, really, and it’s got some darker undertones to it, but god I love the makeup of this song. It’s downright creative and makes me excited to hear it all embedded with more tracks.

Other 6/22 releases:

Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Dawes – Passwords

Florence and the Machine – High as Hope

Release date: 6/29

Finally!! I didn’t even realize how much I missed Florence until I realized she had been gone. I just want to live in this voice and gentle swaying of music. It’s just so good.

Maybe I should clue you in on my getting lost in sound experience here. “Sky Full of Song” is beautifully written, with these beautiful little hints of backing vocals, but mostly just a steady story and song that just… I don’t know, it just speaks. It’s spacey without being incomprehensible, like there’s a real chance you can relate on a different level. It’s beautiful without being too earthy to grasp onto. It’s got enough to grasp your heart, but remains light on your mind.Sorry y’all, I went a little odd ball there. Sometimes I just write without thinking. This worked better when I was writing songs regularly. If you’re still here reading, I commend you.“Hunger” is the only other hint to the album we get at this point. It’s a little more pointed and rhythmic and works in that great Florence way. It’s unique and fun and so damn enticing.New Florence music!! Ahhh!!!! This may just be the perfect way to dance into the summer season!

Other 6/29 releases:

Bullet for My Valentine – Gravity

Gorillaz – The Now Now

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