Turn It Up: New Music Releases for November 2017

I have been off my game the past few months and I apologize if there’s any loyalists out there – I have missed writing and missed some great new albums. But we’re going to make up for that this month – November is chock full of incredible new music and I can’t wait to jump back in with you all!

Pistol Annies – Interstate Gospel

Release date: 11/2

Pistol Annies are a group made of three of the most talented country and bluegrass women to walk the planet. They tend to write on each others’ solo projects, but love it enough to come together every few years to make something magical happen.

The six-song EP Interstate Gospel… Masterpiece came out a little while back, giving us a pretty great look into what the full-length album would give. “Masterpiece” starts it off with this slow bluesy track that just makes you want to kick back and sway your head along with whiskey in hand. A sad country girl would be primed to get into this.

“Sugar Daddy” kicks things up a little – and makes me take back my bluegrass comments for a moment, because this is straight country rock and roll. Purely female and amazingly recorded with this smokey echo – the song is greatness.

I’ve always been a huge Miranda Lambert fan, and the fact that she has these kindred spirits to sing alongside is magical. “Stop Drop and Roll One” is exactly what you’d want and expect. These are my kind of women. They make it okay to be a bad ass chick who can love and feel and really have everything, from a good legal-ish time to church prayers (as evidenced in the title track, “Interstate Gospel.” They even let Miranda make a few waves with “Got My Name Changed Back” (oh come on, tell me that’s not a personal reference for her…) and end it out with the introspective “Best Year of My Life.”

We got a lot with that EP, so to get another 8 songs on top with the full length? Yes, please and thank you.

Other 11/2 releases:

Barbara Streisand – Walls

Tenacious D – Post-Apocalypto

Hanson – String Theory 

Release date: 11/9

Okay, so I’m biased. I’d apologize, but I like y’all and I don’t want to lie to you.

Hanson is my favorite band. They have been for 25 years and then some, and I’ve never denied that or been ashamed.

Every few years they do something innovative and different. For their 21st anniversary, they made their own beer, and Taylor DJ’d a dance party after concerts. This year, they re-arranged 30 of their songs (and yes, they have more than “MMMBop” and worked to create orchestral versions of them. They took the music book now created and teamed up with symphonies and orchestras across the country to perform it. I saw them in Nashville and it was one of the most incredibly concert experiences I’ve ever been a part of. It’s like this is how their music was always meant to be played. They’ve recorded it and on November 9th I can sit and re-live that over and over.And you can hear “MMMBop” with strings. Oh my.

Other 11/9 releases:

Muse – Simulation Theory

Olly Murs – You Know I Know

Various Artists – The Greatest Showman: Reimagined

Release date: 11/16

Stop. If you haven’t seen this movie, just stop. Go watch it. Now.

I have been amongst the swell that was obsessed with the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman since the night I saw it in the theater. The music is just incredible and the words of nearly every single song are inspiring.

Now, we get some incredible artists to cover the songs? Sign me up, in a heartbeat.

Pink and her daughter cover the touching “A Million Dreams,” which will actually make you believe anything is possible again. This week, an additional track was released. This saw Panic! At the Disco performing “The Greatest Show” in the unique circus-esq stylings that only Brandon Urie would be fit to do.

Couple these few hints of tracks with the likes of Sara Bareilles, Zac Brown Band, and Kelly Clarkson (just to name a few), and it’s clear that this is gold. Oh, and while Kesha did release her own single of “This Is Me,” we’re about to hear her join the movie’s powerhouse, Keala Settle, AND Missy Elliot for their new revamped version. I have literally checked Spotify every week awaiting this release, and the middle of this month can’t come soon enough.

Other 11/16 releases:

Little Mix – LM5

Mumford & Sons – Delta

Rita Ora – Phoenix

Release date: 11/23

Rita Ora somewhat fascinates me. This is a voice I never actively seek out, but always enjoy when I hear. She lacks that auto-tune obnoxious sounds, almost being just a little more pure and enjoyable because of it.

“Let You Love Me” is the latest piece we’ve gotten to hear, and it’s steady and good to the ears. While I’ve got that on, a quick view of the upcoming track list is enticing. Avicii makes an appearance, which is really something special. She also brings in some powerful females like Julia Michaels, Baba Rexha, Cardi B, and Charli XCX to round out her guest artist list.

There is just something inherently fascinating about the possibilities of this album. Rita is funky and soulful yet throws in tracks that make you actually have a good time. It’s honestly hard to believe this is only her sophomore album, given how integrated it just feels to hear her name in the industry.

Other 11/23 releases:

Bauhaus – The Bela Session

Kanye West – Yandhi

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