Turn It Up: New Releases for October 2019

The Menzingers Hello Exile
Release date: 10/4
There’s tons of bands that sit in my memory somewhere and only come to light when the name pops back up. It takes a lot to actively think of a band to listen to, and I will sit here and say right now that I wish The Menzingers were one of those front-of-mind bands more often. I think with this album, they might become just that.

“Anna” was released to start the teaser for this album, and while I never love a song with a girl’s name (someone write one about Janelle and we’ll see how that changes), this song is well crated, fun, and sad, all at once. It’s got so much of what you want to hear, especially if your name is Anna.

I’m happy to say I did hear “America (You’re Freaking Me Out)” last week (and even featured it in my New Music Friday post shameless self promotion: @sycadelic98). This is a harder song but thoughtful. Sure youll still be dancing in the crowd, but youll be yelling some truths out there too.

I won’t call this band screamo, but the vocals get a little louder and a little more on the screaming-spectrm as we go, and they continue into “Strangers Forever” which I hope is the last teaser because I want this album already. The beat is so good! Just give me the whole thing already here!

Other 10/4 releases:
Wilco Ode to Joy
City and Colour A Pill For Loneliness

Kim Gordon No Home Record
Release date: 10/11

Once in a very blue moon I look at the new release list on Metacritic and can’t find a single recognizable name or band on the list. That happened for this week for the first time in my history of writing this particular article, and I got very scared I was going to let you guys (ok, really, myself) down. So I picked at random, and voila, Kim Gordon appeared on my musical radar.

Kim Gordon is from Sonic Youth. Now there’s a name I recognize.

Should out to Matador, one of my favorite labels I’ve ever worked with, for taking this on. This is Kim’s first solo record and it’s coming out on white vinyl exclusive, which I’m just a total sucker for.

Talk about experiments with sound. “Sketch Artist” takes on these low bass vibes that make you feel like your brain is shaking. The words are such a 180 from the music behind them because she’s talking about windchimes, yet she’s doing it with this speak-song low voice. If you ever wanted to feel stuck in a movie like “Momento” this will probably do the trick.

I can’t say “Air BnB” lightens the mood, but it does bring in slightly more traditional songwritingat least a chorus break. Theres a scratching harsh guitar in the back no really confining itself to any regular count, but man, when that chorus hits its all suddenly come together. This is fascinating, and a whole album here is going to be entirely unexpected in every way.

Other 10/11 releases:
Babymetal Metal Galaxy
Lindstrom On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever

Jimmy Eat World – Surviving
Release date: 10/18

I am so excited about this. My love of this band was reignited this summer from finally seeing them live, and I’ve spent a few scattered days in the past few months listening through their entire catalog. I’ve since gotten two of their albums on vinyl (not Bleed American… yet) and am regularly spinning “You Are Free” like my life depends on it (and some days it does).

So a new album? What do the kids say these days… I am here for this.

Okay, random observation—if you hover over the cover for Love Never on the singles section on their Spotify page, the heart to “like the song comes up right in the middle of the O in Love, and it looks like it belongs there Bring it back Janelle. Okay— here we go, Love Never is everything you want a Jimmy song to be: heartbreaking, fun, and rock.

“All The Way (Stay)” popped up for me on a friend’s (well, sort of friend… I don’t entirely know at this point. But that’s another story for another time) Instagram story a week or so ago and I immediately played it in my ears—and maybe three more times after that. I need this tour to come through Nashville or else Im flying back to Jersey to Starland in November just to see this performed live and to dance along. And dear goodness, fingers crossed that they’re bringing a saxophone on tour. Yes, you read that right—go listen to the song!!!

Thank you for bearing with me as I geek out about how much I love this music and write a very stream of conscious diatribe about it. Y’all rock as much as Jimmy Eat World’s new music does.

Other 10/18 releases:
Alter Bridge Walk The Sky
Third Eye Blind – Screamer

Grace Potter – Daylight
Release date: 10/25

So Grace Potter has been through the ringer the past few years since her last album: going through a divorce, band breakup (hence the loss of “The Nocturnals” after her name), got married, and has a new baby. She almost left music entirely, but listening to the beautiful “Love Is Love” makes me so happy she decided otherwise.

Life is going to feed into the music so intensely, and while someone in pain is never what we want to see, coming out on the other side can fuel musical magic.

“Back to Me” features Lucius and opens with this sweet funky beat and Grace’s soul in tact through her voice. She bordelines scratchy, but never gets there and it stays smooth and lovely. I honestly did not know I was a fan until this very moment. This is sixties-meets-today’s great production value

Finally we’ve got a heartfelt song that is Grave’s commentary on life now, “Release.” You’ll be in tears by the end, so don’t listen to this at your desk like I just did. This is moving on. This is music.

Other 10/25 releases:
Michael Kiwanuka KIWANUKA
Norma Jean All Hail
Van Morrison Three Chords And The Truth

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