Pokemon Propitiation: Day 64

Let’s just say November was less than kind to me.

There has been no Pokemon playing since my last entry. I haven’t forgotten, I just don’t have much in the way of free time. That and, you know, Smash.

However, tis the season. Once Xmas has come and gone, I will resume my quest. Don’t worry Squirtle. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you.

On a side note, I sure am glad Pokemon isn’t like those virtual pet things you had to feed. I would have a small pile of dead critters if that were the case.

Kris Randazzo

Kris is the Content Supervisor of Geekade. As an avid consumer of all things video game, Kris spent his formative years collecting cartridges, CDs, discs, and assorted paraphernalia in an effort to amass a video game collection large enough to kill an elephant. He works with Stone Age Gamer, writing for their blog and hosting the Stone Age Gamer Podcast right here at Geekade. He's also the host of the WaveBack Podcast, co-host of This Week's Episode, and can occasionally be found in the pages of Nintendo Force Magazine.

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