Why I Love Wrestling: 1960’s pop song edition

Look, wrestling can be, and usually is, ridiculous. Grown men and women in tights pretending to hit each other every night, I get it. I love it, but I get it. And with how things have gone over the last few months with the WWE, it’s been relatively hard to defend said love. But then something like this happens. And I’m right back. NXT, the developmental brand of WWE, went to Europe for the first time. Europe is a place rife with chanting. They seem to chant at every major event. And the chants themselves are often varied and creative. So it was for Bayley. The current NXT Women’s champion has an ability to connect with a crowd like few others. So it was no surprise that the European fans were behind her the entire tour. What was surprising was the song they decided to sing for her, Hey Baby (Will You Be My Girl). You know this song. You’ve heard it a million times. You may not however, have ever heard it during a more perfect moment. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face than I’m afraid you are beyond hope. Her match against Nia Jax was dope too. 

And the original for the sake of comparison

Dean DeFalco

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