Star Wars: The Hype (Machine) Awakens

I wanted to wait to write this until most of the world has seen the new Star Wars movie, since I know many of you have been avoiding anything that could resemble a spoiler (which I completely understand). I promise, the below will be spoiler free, hell I haven’t even seen the movie, so rest assured, if you haven’t been able to make it yet, rest assured, and read ahead freely.

I’m not even going to talk about the movie too much. Why? (this next part is going to upset some people, probably most other Geekaide writers) But, because I am sick of Star Wars! No, I am not a hater, and no this is not going to be a piece bashing the culture/fans. But the truth of the matter is this new movie has already worn out its welcome, and it has nothing to do with the film itself. It has everything to do with all the things that aren’t the movie. Yes I’m talking about the merchandising machine that is the evil conglomerate of Disney/Star Wars.

Before you forget, keep in mind I self identify as a geek/nerd/fanboy of many things, however I tend to lean in favor of the other ‘Star’ franchise (that would be Trek, and more The Next Generation version at that. Yes, I’m Team Picard). With that said, I understand the hype machine fans have embraced. It’s been a long time coming for them, and I’m happy that it seems like a good movie, perhaps even a great movie. Truth be told, if Marvel fans were to only get MCU movies once every ten years like between Episodes III and VII (huh? Who let Yoda pick the release order?) we’d all go ape-shit crazy every time one came out, but I can guarantee you they wouldn’t be releasing ‘Avengers makeup’ or some equally absurd crap. (maybe when a female centric comic movie comes out, but that’s different somehow)

Even as a casual, or more accurately someone with a passing interest, I have to wait several weeks before I can try to comfortably see the movie without the theater being overly crowded.  However, if I’m already feeling tired of this hype machine, what is my interest really going to be at that point? It feels like to enjoy the movie now, you have to be a die hard fan (is there a term for fans like Trekkie or Whovian? If not, I’d like to suggest Lucasphile, Wookiean, or Skywalkerses) and in the long run I don’t think that’s a good thing.

I read today that for the next six years there will be a Star Wars related movie every year. You know what? That is awesome! … for everyone that was able to enjoy the experience this weekend. But I feel there may be a large number of people who only had a fleeting desire to see the movie that have since been turned off from the franchise, and with each passing year, with each new movie that interest is going to wain further and further away. Even worse for the money makers of the franchise, if they continue to go overboard with the marketing every year, even some of the fans that are on board right now may get turned off.

I want to end by saying this: I’m glad the fans are enjoying the movie. I read a review of it and will admit the flick sounds pretty good (maybe I’m down playing that a bit, it sounds like a solid movie that I’d enjoy) but the problem is, I’m done. Done with the movie, done with the franchise, but more specifically, done with the marketing cash cow. I mean really

And as if Crocs weren’t bad enough on their own, come on!

I’m just going to go watch whatever crap Will Ferrell puts out next, I sincerely hope the rest of you fans enjoy it enough for everyone else that has been turned off. 

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