Why I Love Wrestling: Match of the Year contender 3 – Sasha vs Bayley

Two weeks ago, maybe more depending on when you are reading this, the WWE was in Brooklyn for three nights of shows. They ran back to back to back nights in the Barclays Center, a rather unusual move in the realm of sports and entertainment. I know that I was glued to my TV for all three events, NXT Takeover/Summer Slam/RAW, and even though the time commitment was large, it was overall a very satisfying weekend of pro wrestling. My favorite event, not surprising if you are a follower of these posts, was NXT Takeover. Not only did we get the debut of Apollo Crews, formally Uhaa Nation, a tag team title change, yay Vaudevillains (that was manly… clap, clap, clapclapclap may be the best chant ever), and a baller championship ladder match between Finn Balor and Kevin Owens, we got by far the best match of the weekend and another strong contender for Match of the Year. Bayley and Sasha Banks tore the fucking house down. It is without question the best women’s match I have ever seen and it’s not even a close competition. The storytelling was edge of your seat thrilling. The action was incredible. The drama that took place over this 20+ minute match was palpable. If you are not a fan of wrestling and have happened to stumble upon this column, watch this match. If it doesn’t get you invested, nothing will. If you are a fan and have not seen this match, holy shit are you in for something special. Sometime in December the homies at Ring the Bell, videos here, and Tiger Driver ’91, podcasts here, will join me and vote for the “Best of” for the year 2015.  I can promise you this match will be in the conversation. Check it out below and hit me up on instagram and twitter, @geekadedan, and let me know what you thought. Next week we take a look at one of the most psychologically gifted performers of all time. Want a hint… trust me…

Bayley vs Sasha Banks(NXT Takeover.Brooklyn 2015) by VanishingWalker

Dan Ryan

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