Geekade’s Scariest Moments: P.T.

We were assigned with the task of writing about our scariest moments in gaming, movies, or television. Luckily for everyone I have quite a few… actually way more than a few. Even small things make me quiver in fear, but today I’ll be talking about the time I actually suffered physical pain from a video game.

P.T. had just been released on the PS4 and everyone was playing it. Literally everyone I knew was talking about that game, trading tips and tricks to get past the insanely difficult sequence of puzzles. Now, I don’t mind watching scary games, so I went to a friend’s house to watch him attempt to make it through the “Playable Teaser.” The opening sequence starts with you in a room with a single door in it. Obviously, you walk through it and walk down the hallway of a home. In the distance you hear a news report of a brutal attack on a family and you begin to find clues as to what happened in this house and how this all pertains to you, the main character.

You figure out that a woman named Lisa was killed in the house and is haunting it. I was sitting as far away as I could from the television screen holding my knees to my chest with wide, terrified eyes. Lisa’s “hauntings” became more frequent and my friend was at a point where he had to start backtracking to the first hallway in order to advance the story. He passed the bathroom on the left and turned the corner and there Lisa was, in her white flowing nightgown, her pale face and black demonic eyes floating ever so slightly off the ground, twitching. I let out a blood curdling shriek that I’m sure could have shattered glass. I tried launching myself backwards far away from the spot I was in, but I was already against the wall and as I stretched out my leg it cramped up so tightly I rolled over on my side and started sobbing. My friend had to pause the game because he was laughing so uncontrollably at my suffering. For the duration of the game I laid face down in shame until the ending scene where Norman Reedus’ character is revealed.

Since then, I’ve completed P.T. at least 10 times by myself, but whenever I run into my friend who first played it, he mimics my full body seize in the most dramatic fashion.

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