Geekade’s Scariest Moments: Resident Evil

This month, we here at Geekade decided to celebrate the best month of the year (we didn’t vote on this, I feel it’s just a widely accepted fact). To do this, we’re highlighting our scarrrrrriest movie, television or other moments!

For me, I have to say that I LOVE horror movies. I love horror television, too. But my scariest moment is of the interactive variety. Straight from the PS1 through the a/v cables to the TV and straight into my gaping eye-holes.

I didn’t have a PS1 when it was first released, but a friend of mine, the drummer in my band (one I was kicked out of), had one. We’d get together on Friday nights, head down to Blockbuster and rent a game to play. Both of us were fans of horror films and there was this new game that just came out called, “Resident Evil”.

For those of you familiar with Resident Evil, let’s be honest, you already know what my scariest moment is.

That’s right… the first time that cute little rat terrier jumped out at me in the FIRST fricken hallway in the first 30 minutes of the game, I did something I don’t normally do: I screamed.

Oops, I meant this one
Oops, I meant this one

I mean, here’s a game that starts off at such a slow, methodical pace. The controls are slow, Chris or Jill don’t run very fast, and up to this point the only thing you’ve fought is a creepy ass, albeit slow, zombie. To have a rabid Airbud break through the window and chase me down… god, it changed the tension I’d have for the rest of the game. It ratcheted up the tension to such an insane amount that I couldn’t play the game comfortably. From that point, I couldn’t walk around a corner without expecting something unexpected. It really was a brilliant addition and it sticks with me to this day.

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