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That was, perhaps, the most telegraphed plot twist in the history of story-telling. But I’m exaggerating: it wasn’t a twist. More on Jon Snow the White in a minute.

This week’s episode was chock full of interesting plots, big and small. There was well-constructed dialogue, solid acting, and great production design. Dorne was also completely out of sight, which always helps. Many of the characters went home, either literally or metaphorically. But, really, the whole thing was a bit choppy and disjointed. Each individual story was well-told, but it didn’t feel like a unified whole. 

So, for a choppy episode, here are my choppy thoughts.

This could have gone very poorly. 
This could have gone very poorly. 

The Dragons speak the common tongue. That’s good to know. I would have expected High Valyrian, but sure. I’ll go with that. This subplot needs more screen time.

Arya’s training was a bit quick, but the point was made. She’s lowered herself, proving her debasement of the ego which had her kill without permission, so she gets to come inside. This subplot needs more screen time.

It was nice to see Bran again. Briefly. That storyline could be fun and provide some back story that even the books only allude to. It looks like it will be our path to context for the current strife. I look forward to it. This story got the right amount of screen time.

I want to root for the High Sparrow. He wants to topple the structure of power that keeps the few rich at the expense of the poor. But a medieval Bernie Sanders he ain’t. He’s cruel, and severe, and without mercy. His zealotry makes him terrible, and forces me to sympathize with Cersei and Jamie. I want Tommen to rip some shit, and she has certainly gained control of him again. I expect blood in the streets, and soon. Oh, and The Mountain is a scary motherfucker as a zombie automaton.

That's Jamie's
That’s Jamie’s “I’m running out of kids” face. 

I don’t understand why Theon decided to head home, except to transition us into the Iron Islands story. And we met a new character. That could be interesting, which would be a nice change for Pyke.

Now, for the main events: Ramsay and Jon. The bastards rising. I feel like I should have expected Ramsay to stab Roose right then, but I confess, they got me. I don’t think Roose actually understood who his son was. I used to think he just didn’t care what a sadist Ramsay is. Now, I think Roose saw Ramsay as a man lacking a little self control. In reality, Ramsay, in my opinion, is fully in control. He’s just sadistic and sociopathic. Add to that his constant feeling of inadequacy as a bastard in a patrilineal system, and you’ve got an angry, sadistic, but actually methodical man. After Roose was dead, Ramsay looked like Michael Corleone after he shoots Sollozzo. “It’s just business.” Given Ramsay’s character, it was obvious that Roose’s wife and baby were toast. Having the dogs attack them, that was just for Ramsay’s own enjoyment. And his control of the dogs is directly at odds with his father’s description of him as a “rabid dog.” He’s not rabid. He’s the alpha.

Nothing says
Nothing says “good times” like a sociopath preparing to murder a baby.

And then there’s Jon. After the wildlings save the day (that’s a weird sentence to type), Davos finds Melisandre in a shame spiral. Davos – a man of wisdom, in my opinion – says that the gods don’t matter, because they’re all the same, but she’s the woman who showed him that miracles were real. All of this is, and what follows, is pretty cheesy, if we’re honest. I mean, it doesn’t work, they all leave. Then the wolf knows. It’s pretty well-worn territory. Besides, everyone and their mother pointed out as soon as last season ended that the Red Woman was right there. Everybody’s super excited that the thing we all knew was going to happen happened. And yet…I’M SO EXCITED THAT THE THING WE ALL KNEW WAS GOING TO HAPPEN HAPPENED! It’s cheesy, sure. But so is a finely aged gouda.

Is anyone else concerned that he's still full of holes?
Is anyone else concerned that he’s still full of holes?

What is dead may never die.

2 thoughts on “Game of Spoilers – Home (602)

  • May 3, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    Theon wants to go ‘home,’ not to the iron islands… But to winterfell. His home. In winterfell. Where he grew up with the stark family. Any guesses as to what he plans on doing there? I predict an attempted assassination on the life of, ahem, lord bolton. The transition to the iron islands was to throw the viewer off into thinking theon meant the iron islands by home. Also Euron the crowseye is a totally badass character and they did well with that introduction.

  • May 3, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    If Theon is headed to Winterfell, he may miss Ramsay, who, I think, is still headed to the Castle Black, but I take your point on where his home is. Euron is, indeed, a badass character. I disagree that they handled that introduction well. If you had no prior knowledge of the Crowseye, I don’t think you’d have any clear idea now. Before the Dornish debacle, Pyke was the weakest thread in the series, in my opinion. If they’re going to bring it to the front, they’ll need to do some work to clarify the important characters.
    – Hunter


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