WILW: Bobby “the Brain” Hennan on Twitter!

The Brain is on twitter. That is a beautiful thing. One of the greatest, if not the greatest, managers of all time has been out of the spotlight these last few years. Cancer, and can we just say fuck cancer? we can? okay good… fuck cancer, has taken its toll on the man who defined many of the greatest matches of my childhood. For a man who came to stardom through his voice, getting throat cancer is just goddamn unfair. And even though his commentating and managing days are long behind him, Twitter may just be the perfect vehicle for Heenan. I am over the moon hyped for the gems we are going to get. Follow him now, @RealBobbyHeenan. It will be the best thing you do today, I promise. And hey, follow me as well, @geekade, on Twitter and Instagram and check back next week for more reasons I love wrestling and you should too. #hamandeggers

Dean DeFalco

Creator of Websites, editor of content, wearer of vests. This man is said to be "The Jack of All Trades".  Dean has his hands in most parts of the website one way or another. The original incarnation of Geekade, "G33k Life", was Dean's brainchild. While Dean can be found on a number of shows like when he was the former co-host of the Stone Age Gamer Podcast or the current host Vest and Friends or talking about video games on YouTube and Twitch, he is the guy behind the scenes making sure that the site does everything it's supposed to every one else can do their job. There's not a problem he can't solve.....or at least punch and scream at until it doesn't exist anymore.

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