With the 2016 WWE draft rapidly approaching, I felt it was time to interject my take on who the top five picks would be if I were in a position of power. (which I most certainly am not. I mean, I’m married…. what power could I possibly wield?) Now I recognize that my list in no way, shape, or form will be indicative of WWE’s list. They have their superstars that they are going to push no matter what, *coughcoughRomanReingscoughcough*, and the powers that be in Stamford will not be swayed by one article here on Geekade. That being said, with Stephanie running RAW and Shane running Smackdown I believe we can make some pretty safe guesses as to what type of shows they will be running. The biggest question marks are the part timers, guys like Triple H and Brock Lesnar. If they are up for consideration, where do they go? To make life easier, I am going to assume that they are not draft eligible and will not be including them in my rankings. (Lesnar would be #1 by the way, Triple H and the Undertaker somewhere in the top 20) So, without further rambling, let the other rambling begin.

#001 - Seth Rollins
#001 – Seth Rollins

Mr. Crossfit Jesus himself, Seth Rollins would be my number one pick no matter which show I was running. Devastating knee injury aside, there is no one superstar better able to carry the company going forward than Seth Rollins. He can work heel or face, sells merch, has a good look, is still young, is great on the mic, the guy really is the total package. He will be a multi-time world champion and is deserving of every accolade he receives.

#002 - AJ Styles
#002 – AJ Styles

Even though AJ is no spring chicken, he can still do it all in the ring. Like a fine wine, AJ has gotten better with age. His time in NJPW really did wonders for his career as he went from being a very solid hand in TNA to a top guy in the second biggest promotion in the world. His “surprise” entrance into the 2016 Royal Rumble went over huge and for good reason. There are very few performers operating at the level of AJ Styles right now. His moveset is cool as hell, he is great on the mic, can work heel or face, can lead a faction, has an awesome finisher, like Rollins he really is the total package. I he were ten, or even five years younger, he would be my number one. Unfortunately, AJ does not have as many years in the ring ahead of him as he does behind him. Still, those last few years are going to be phenomenal and are absolutely worthy of the number two pick. (see what I did there)

#003 - Finn Balor
#003 – Finn Balor

So those first two picks actual have a chance to be the first two picks made by Shane and Stephanie. Probably not honestly, but maybe. This one though, no chance he gets drafted this high. I do believe he will get drafted, his match against Shinsuke Nakamura seemed to be the send off to his NXT stint, just probably late and played as a big surprise. And it really shouldn’t be. The former NXT champion has nothing left to prove in developmental and is more than ready for his time to shine. Can you just imagine the first time the Demon Balor makes his entrance at a Wrestlemania? I know I cannot wait for it and I really hope they make it special. Finn has the potential to be a multi-time world champion at best and one of the greatest intercontinental champions at worst. His history with AJ Styles and the Club give him an instant angle and place for the foreseeable future. There may be safer picks but few with the proverbial higher ceiling than Finn Balor.

#004 - Cesaro
#004 – Cesaro

If there was ever a guy who should have been world champion more than Cesaro I haven’t seen him. What more does this guy have to do to get himself the top spot in the company? He is as over with the crowd as can be, sells a ton of merch, is possibly the best wrestler on the roster, is strong as hell, and does a giant swing! He is just money, lots of it. Alas, the US title is the best he has done so far. I do not believe it is the best he will do though and that is why I have him so high on this list. The Swiss Superman is ready for a world title run. He has a lot left in the tank and will continue to draw for years. He is the perfect blend of old school and new school. If I had my way, he would be my number four.

#005 - Kevin Owens
#005 – Kevin Owens

Without question, the best heel on the roster right now. Owens is absolutely incredible as a heel. He had a match at a house show with Sami Zayn. Both he and Zayn are Canadian. He looked into the camera taping the show, said something to the effect of getting the stupid Americans to chant “USA, USA” while two Canadians were in the ring, and goddamnit he did it. YouTube it, it’s amazing. Again, this was at a house show where no one was likely to see it. Owens just gets it. This guy is the heel we need now and in the future. Take away the mic and you still have on of the most gifted in ring performers of any generation. To steal from an incredibly underrated movie, “For a guy his size, he’s so graceful.” Owens does things in the ring that make you want to love him all while getting you to hate his guts. It’s a rare gift and lands him a place in the top five. (Though I’m sure he would be pissed about that and cut a badass promo about it)

And there it is, my top five. Doing a write up beyond five would have been a tad silly as, again, there is no way these five guys are the first five names called during the draft. I am positive that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will go somewhere in the top five and possibly John Cena as well. Just in case you were curious, the rest of my list would look something like:

006 – John Cena, 007 – Dean Ambrose, 008 – Roman Reigns, 009 – Sami Zayn, 010 – Rusev, 011 – Shinsuke Nakamura, 012 – Samoa Joe, 013 – Bray Wyatt, 014 – The New Day, 015 – Neville, 016 – Baron Corbin, 017 – The Club, 018 – The Wyatt Family, 019 – Hideo Itami, 020 – Enzo and Cass. I have no idea how they are going to handle tag teams which is why they end up down on my list. The New Day would probably slot in at number four and push Cesaro and Owens down a spot if they had announced the plans ahead of time. I also did not include any of the Women’s division as I don’t know if that will be separate or not. My list for them would be 001 – Charlotte, 002 – Sasha Banks, 003 – Asuka, 004 – Bayley, 005 – Becky Lynch. No matter what happens I know I’m excited. I love having two separate shows and the phony competition between them. What did you think of my top five though. Agree, disagree? Follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, and let me know what you thought. And join me next week when I break down the draft and predict the next PPV, Battleground. Until then… 

Dan Ryan

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