WILW: Zack Sabre Jr.

Currently making a much larger name for himself in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, Zack Sabre Jr. may just be the best technical wrestler on the planet. He does not do the most crowd popping moves ever but people love him because of how fucking smooth he is. There is no one that transitions from hold to hold, position to position, like ZSJ. If current rumors hold true, he will be signing with WWE soon and will be an established part of their new RAW-exclusive Cruiserweight division. He is super deserving of the spot and if you aren’t a fan yet, you soon will be.

Born in 1987, ZSJ started training at NWA UK Hammerlock at the, probably, too early age of fourteen! This is a huge deal mostly because Hammerlock has produced some of the biggest names in European wrestling including Finn Balor and Becky Lynch to name just two. After finishing wrestling school ZSJ was smart enough to finish school in England so he would have something to fall back on if the wrestling thing didn’t work out. (thankfully for us he won’t have to use it) Sabre went immediately from university into full time pro wrestling working in Japan with Pro Wrestling Noah. He spent time with Noah until 2015. When he left he went right on to win the PWG World Championship and enter the CWC. Even with his success in North America, he has said over and over that it was never the end goal to be a full time, US wrestler. He has simply wanted to be the best wrestler in the world and go against the best competition. That has been in Japan for awhile but as the tide of wrestling is changing, the best competition is now in NA. 

In ring, ZSJ is not to be fucked with. He is insanely talented as a pure grappler. His love of 70’s and 80’s wrestling formed the basis of his style. That style is submission based with some damn hard strikes thrown in. He is so smooth. Everything he does looks like it hurts a ton. He is not the biggest guy in the world at 6ft1 and about 190 lbs. However, it never looks like he is in the wrong place. He fits with guys his size, Japanese wrestlers, heavyweights, and legends. The beautiful thing about his style is that it doesn’t matter how big the other guys in the ring are. On the mat, he abuses people and makes them look small. Seriously, check out the matches below to see just how damn brutal his stuff looks. There is no doubt he will be an even bigger star than he already is.

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05. Noam Dar Vs Zack Sabre JR PWE Rise of the… by wrestlingcity

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