SAG Episode 135.2: The Switchening – Part II

The big Switch unveiling event has officially happened, and it’s a perfect storm of utter brilliance and worst-cast scenarios. Dan and Kris broke down all the details for a very, very long time. Here’s part 2.

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3 thoughts on “SAG Episode 135.2: The Switchening – Part II

  • January 16, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Guys, I have a theory: You talked about how the Switch will only have 32 GB of memory. I don’t consider that a problem, and here’s why: Anyone who’s ever played a Nintendo DS knows that the games’ save data aren’t saved on the system itself! The save data is saved on the cartridge. You can’t do that on a CD or a DVD because those aren’t as easily re-written. So… maybe Save Data, DLC, etc. will be saved on the games themselves, rather than on the system’s memory! Maybe each and every Switch cart will have some extra space on it to account for that stuff! Sure, some of the bigger downloadable games will still be a huge problem, but retro games (The NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, N64, and the Turbografix 16 Libraries.) shouldn’t be because those file sizes are so tiny, so there’s that. Heck, the Gamecube’s tiny discs could hold approximately 1.5 GB each, which means that you could probably fit like 21 GC titles on there, with a little space left over, provided they all had exactly 1.5 GB of data – and some had LESS than 1.5 GB of data, which means you might be able to fit even MORE!

    Nintendo also cheaped out on the memory storage of "The NEW 3ds" (Cheep-Cheeped? Sorry, I just couldn’t help that little Mario reference.) Even though the NEW 3ds came with a 4GB SD Card, you could open up the System and replace it with a brand new SD Card! (The system only supports SD cards with as much as 32 GB, but for a 3DS that’s plenty of storage, at least for me. Then again, I mostly use my 3DS’ memory for Virtual Console releases, and I tend to purchase larger games on 3DS cartridges so… make of that what you will.) Where I’m going with this is simple: Maybe the Switch will have interchangeable memory, like my 3DS! I’d go so far as to call that a leg up on Sony & Microsoft. If you want an XBone or PS4 with better memory, you have to trade it it for a better version of the system! If you want that Terabyte console, you’re going to have to trade in your 500 GB model at a loss! With Nintendo, they might have interchangeable memory, which would be less of a problem! Then again, the Switch costs $300.00 and the Pro Controller costs like $80.00, so adding in an SD card with decent memory on top of that would be a pain in the wallet, so… pros and cons I guess?

    I could be wrong about all of this. Maybe The Switch will just have terrible memory that isn’t interchangeable, and for that and numerous other reasons, most of which you guys mentioned in your podcast and the system will flop in a manner most epic because Nintendo is Nintendo, and Nintendo never learns because they’re an antiquated company that doesn’t listen and doesn’t learn, but despite all of that… I still like to think there’s hope for the system and Nintendo.

    In any case, I love you guys here at Stone Age Gamer. I love your products, I love your podcast, and I respect your opinions. Peace out!!

    • January 16, 2017 at 12:26 pm

      Hi Mike!

      Well, we have since learned that there definitely is switchable memory for the Switch. It can support micro SD cards. They showed them putting a 256GB one into the system during Treehouse Live, and the placement is quite genius (the kickstand doubles as the memory expansion port cover!) The Switch base is also capable of connecting to external hard drives, but that feature is not currently activated because Nintendo isn’t sure how that meshes with the portable nature of the unit. For me, like you, this isn’t really a problem. I prefer to buy my stuff physically except for VC stuff, so I’ll probably eventually nab a 256GB and be done with it. The problem comes for folks like Dan who prefer to buy digitally. Modern games are huge, and I can’t imagine 3rd parties being thrilled with the fact that the majority of folks won’t even be able to download their games with the memory that’s included in their system.

      Plus, like you said, if you’re buying any accessories like controllers already, this thing is all manner of expensive already, and with a Switch with 32GB and no game sitting next to a PS4 with 500GB and Uncharted 4, it’s really hard to recommend anyone choose Switch in that scenario. That’s going to be a huge hurdle for Nintendo do overcome, and as much as I want them to, I’ve never seen them up against odds this tremendous. And the majority of their disadvantages are self-inflicted.

      But I don’t want you to think I’m all doom and gloom. Yes, I think this is Nintendo’s last console, and yes I think Switch is going to fail on a spectacular scale, but I still have mine preordered, and I’m very excited for it. The games that have been announced that I’m interested in I’m very interested in, and I plan on having a ton of fun with this gizmo, just like I did and still do with my Wii U. I guess we’ll have to see, because like I said on the show, you can’t predict Nintendo. They are more than capable of proving me wrong, and doing so in ways I never could have seen coming.

      PS. I appreciated the cheep cheep reference.

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