Turn It Up: New Music Releases for October 2017

Feel that crispness in the air? It’s finally fall, y’all. FINALLY. Let’s see if music loves us this month as much as we love the weather we’re walking in whilst we stream it through our headphones.

Marilyn Manson – Heave Upside Down

Release date: 10/6

It freaked me out a little how much I enjoyed every song that came out on my Release Radar or Discovery lists that were from this new album. I like rock, but I never really went for the goth rock side of things. I’m here to tell you that Marilyn Manson did a great job on these tracks and I’m actually really excited to hear what the whole album has to offer.

This is album number ten for him, and was originally expected back in February – Valentine’s Day to be exact. Band members had also been working on the score for “Salem,” and didn’t announce the real release plans until September – or at least said there were putting on the finishing touches, finally.

“Kill4Me” may not be an appealing title, but the beat is infectious and rocking. Defined as an “Industrial Rock” song, it’s almost got a swing to it. This is what brought a lot of people into this band’s sound to start with, and it’s matured with production quality. “We Know Where You Fucking Live” preceded this though, and it’s angry and a surprising choice for the first single. Between the two tracks though, the tone for the album is set – dark, but gets you ready to move.

Other 10/6 releases:

August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem

Andrew Bird – Echolocations: River

P!nk – Beautiful Trauma

Release date: 10/13

P!nk is incredible and always has been. If I could leave my review at that, I would, but I think my editor wants a little more, so let’s start with how gorgeous “What About Us” is. Yes, there’s a dance beat that almost makes you wonder if you’re actually hearing the remix (there are remixes, by the way). When I realized it wasn’t, I then wanted to hear a stripped down version (please feel free to share one if you’ve found it!). It’s been called a protest song. I think it’s heartbreaking in so many ways.

This world is hurting, and somehow P!nk’s voice seems to fit everything we need. Look, I’m approaching 30 and my head is all kinds of screwy. “Beautiful Trauma” (the song this time), seemed to just be the instant anthem for that state of mind. I honestly hope that holds for the entirety of the album.

And of course, if you were looking for a little harder of a beat, this woman doesn’t disappoint. “Whatever You Want” will fill that, and your slightly nostalgic longing for Alanis Morrisette music, just enough.

God I can’t wait for Friday the 13th.

Other 10/13 releases:

Beck – Colors

Robert Plant – Carry Fire

Niall Horan – Flicker

Release date: 10/20

I’m as surprised as you are at the progression of this month’s releases, let alone my choices in this article. You all know me as a musical sap at this point though, so let me set the scene that lead me to wanting to hear this one.

I’m from a small town where one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday night was to drive around on normally congested roads when they were clear and free. One night a few months ago or so, I came off the parkway when it was dark, and this song came on. It was too perfect (almost as good as “Castle On The Hill” coming on in daylight). “This Town” is simple and beautiful and full of small town nostalgia and feeling. I never was into 1D, but Niall would be my choice for favorite at this point.

He’s come out with another single, “Slow Hands,” that played more than it needed to when I was in Alabama, and… damn it, it’s great. It catches onto you in its slow, sexy, and smooth nature. And it came out in May – that’s how long it took for me to accept just how much I liked it.

The latest single, almost a year after the first one, is “Too Much To Ask.” What business does this guy have writing and singing these great songs that I actually enjoy? It’s like, in resistance, he’s endeared himself to my heart, and I’ve come to really anticipate whatever this whole album (complete with Maren Morris appearance) has to offer.

Other 10/20 releases:

Darius Rucker – When Was The Last Time

Lindsey Stirling – Warmer in the Winter

Kelly Clarkson – The Meaning of Life

Release date: 10/27

The necessary preface: I am and always have been a Kelly fan. Since day one, I looked up to her and her abilities. To me, “My December” is the rock album I always wanted, and “Breakaway” is an anthem for the ages for a small town girl like me. That said, I don’t necessarily enjoy the latest music she’s been making.

In a way, it’s very much a return to her original R&B styles. “Love So Soft” is today’s smooth rhythms that Beyonce has brought the world to love, and “Move You” is still powerful and romantic. But this is not what I want from Kelly. I guess some albums aren’t made for everyone, and regardless, her ability to appeal to different folks, change her style effortlessly, and evolve as an artist still astound me.

I will reserve full judgement until the end of this month, and you’re damn right I’ll still be purchasing this (why stop a streak?), so let’s re-chat then.

Other 10/27 releases:

Norah Jones – Day Breaks

The Used – Canyon

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