WILW: How You Build a Badass

Samoa Joe has been signed to WWE for a little while now. Starting in NXT, he went from face to monster heel by turning on Finn Balor. He stayed heel for the rest of his time in NXT and turned in some damn good matches specifically against Shinsuke Nakamura. When he debuted on RAW he kept up the heelish act, attacking Seth Rollins for Triple H. It was a great way to debut the Samoan Submission Machine and it looked to be the start of a big push on the main WWE roster. Except, WWE dropped the ball. For the last few weeks Joe has been floundering. Not because he lacks any of the things that make a pro wrestler great but because of booking. Then Extreme Rules happened, and Joe won the fatal five way to become the number one contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship. (which I called in last weeks post) Joe going after Brock is absolutely the right move as he is one of the few guys on the roster who looks like he could take down the Beast. Except that he hasn’t been booked well enough to make he seem credible to those fans not familiar with the man who inspired chants of, “Joe’s gonna kill you…”.

Then Monday happened, and, as he always does, Paul Heyman brought out the very best in Brock’s opponent and got the match as over as could possibly be. Joe did his part perfectly looking every bit the enforcer he is. Watch this video below. Watch the entire thing. It’s about as real as a WWE bit could be. It sets the stage for their upcoming match at WWE Great Balls of Fire, yes really. It establishes Joe as a main event threat and a possible champion. This is a dream match that I and long time Joe fans couldn’t wait for. And after this segment, neither can anyone else. Follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, and let me know what you thought. And join me next week for another reason to love wrestling. 

Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan was once the most feared and respected luchador in the world until the "Great DDT Disaster of '85" where Dan unfortunately DDT'd his opponent so hard into the ground that he opened a gate to the underworld that let unholy things into this world. After that, Dan refused to wrestle anymore but he's found new life writing and talking about his favorite hobbies here at Geekade. He pens the weekly Why I Love Wrestling series, co-hosts The Stone Age Gamer Podcast, expertly pairs video games with beer, and much, much more. Dan is a personality that Geekade simply would not be the same without.

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