You Shall Not Pass Go Episode 20: Fear And Frights In The Forgotten Realms

To Sum It Up: This month Dave and Cengiz have two magic sets to comb through, the pirate and dinosaur inhabited Ixalan and Iconic Masters the newest Masters set soon to be released. After that they look into the future of Magic’s Online platform, Magic the Gathering Arena which provides more questions than answers. In Dungeons and Dragons they weigh in on D&D’s E-reader app, September’s Unearthed Arcana featuring two new races, and finally they share their scariest stories from campaigns past. They round out the show with a review of Hero Realms, a unique and fast paced take on deckbuilding games.

Time Stamps

  • MTG 0:11
  • D&D 39:48
  • Board Games 1:10:35

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