SAG Episode 280: A Force for Good, This Month

Show Notes

Dan and Kris continue their month of thankfulness with another pair of creators that have made their lives better by existing. Dan highlights the career of Jordan Mechner, the visionary behind the Prince of Persia series (and many other things), detailing just how great his games are and what he hopes to see from him in the future. Kris, on the other hand, thanks the fairly secretive Jupiter Corp for his obsession with Picross that’s only grown over time. At the top of the show, Dan talks about that Elton John concert he went to, and dives into his time spent with Disney+. And obviously, some more talk about the goings on in the world of PAD. Kris gives his impressions on Bloodstained on both Switch and PS4, marvels at the engineering behind the Labo Piano, is impressed by New Super Lucky’s Tale, and a whole lot more!

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