3 Things I Love about Mega Man V

Welcome to Mega Man Month! Every weekday in January I’ll be listing three things I love about the original Mega Man series. Let’s go!

Let’s give Mega Man a cat!

Rush is awesome. Who wouldn’t want a robot dog, right? So where do we go from here? ROBOT CAT! Tango the cat is absurd, and I love him. Robot dog makes sense. Dogs are companions who go out and do things with you. Cats hate you. Cats expect to be fed. Cats will not show up to help you. A robot cat companion is such a bad idea. Fortunately Tango is a good robo kitty, but that could have gone very poorly.

This music from Dr. Light’s lab

I love this song. It’s short and simple, but it’s everything that’s good about Game Boy music. Mega Man V is awesome, and there are a ton of things to love about it. But this song, it gets me in the nostalgia every time. I freaking love it.

Completely original robot masters… FROM SPACE!

I love how they’re still coming up with the something-man style of robot masters still after all these years, but when Mega Man V bucked that trend with a whole set of robot masters based off the planets in our solar system, it was super awesome. They don’t all knock it out of the part, but for the most part they’re really clever designs with cool stages, and more importantly, they aren’t recycled from NES games. Mega Man V is a wholly original Mega Man adventure exclusively for the Game Boy, and that’s just awesome. Now colorize it and put it on consoles.

That wraps up our Game Boy game coverage. Come back tomorrow for my three favorite things about the original NES Mega Man.

Kris Randazzo

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