3 Things I Love about Mega Man

Welcome to Mega Man Month! Every weekday in January I’ll be listing three things I love about the original Mega Man series. Let’s go!

That delightful box art

It’s legendary in its awfulness. I mean, just look at it. It’s astonishing. There’s no part of it that doesn’t amaze with its absurdity, but also its creativity. Mega Man’s stance alone should have ben enough for Capcom to send this back to the drawing board. But for all its terribleness, it’s totally charming. And apparently “state-of-the-art.”

Pre-establishment lore

Mega Man’s lore was all over the place when the series first began, especially here in the States. And while I’m glad we didn’t really hear much about Monsteropolis after this, like the bad box art, there’s something really charming about this kind of stuff. I’m all for continuity, but there’s also something to be said for watching a series find its way over  the years, and then looking back at its origins and saying “wow. That was weird.” Also, Dr. Wright. LOL

It just feels different

The original Mega Man has a very different feel from everything that came after it. I’m not sure if it’s my own personal nostalgia or what, but the feel of the music, the look of the in-game art, the weirdo box art, it all comes together to form something that’s unique from its brethren. The original six robot masters don’t quite match the new ones either. And I absolutely love that. Similar to the original Super Mario Bros., Mega Man shows that the evolution of the series could have gone in several very different directions. I’m glad it went the way it did.

And there you have it. Come back tomorrow for my thoughts on most peoples’ favorite entry in the series, Mega Man 2.

Kris Randazzo

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