Why I Love Wrestling: Predictions – WWE Fastlane

I can see the future

This Sunday, live on the Network, the WWE brings to you its penultimate Wrestlemania show, the newly christened Fastlane (get it? Fastlane? The fastlane to Wrestlemania… ugh). Anyway, it’s a pretty stacked card and should be an entertaining show with one match in particular, Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan, having a major impact on Wrestlemania. On to the predictions. 

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Why I Love Wrestling: Shinsuke Nakamura

The King of Wrestle Kingdom

The Black Savior. The Samurai of NJPW. The King of Strong Style. Shinsuke Nakamura has been and remains all of these things. He may also be the best in the world today. The current, as of this writing, reigning, defending, IWGP Intercontinental Champion is a man with as much charisma, as much star power, as any one professional wrestler could dream of having. Look at his entrance at Wrestle Kingdom 9.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Predictions for NXT Rival

What does the future hold?

This coming Wednesday, 2/12/15, live on the WWE Network is NXT: Rival. It is the latest live special to air from Full Sail University and quite honestly, if the last special R:Evolution was any indication, it will be a kick ass wrestling show and bar setter for the rest of the year. This time around we get five big matches that I am going to attempt to predict right here.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Seth Rollins

And he’s got a nice smile to boot!

Pro Wrestling is pretty simple. There’s a babyface, good guy, and a heel, bad guy, (sometimes a tweener but they usually play the face role) and they have a match. Save for one or two big spots, finisher through a table or a steel chair from the top rope or even a body slam on thumbtacks, the match is called in the ring by the performers.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Paul Heyman

It’s all about the business

Where once there were names such as Slick Rick, Sensational (sometimes Queen) Sherri, Mr. Fuji, the Sinister Minister, the quintessential stud muffin Joel Gertner, and the legendary Bobby the Brain Heenan, today they are few and far between. The current focus in the business is on men and women who can not only go in the ring but who can also go on the mic. The Manager as a concept has somewhat fallen by the wayside. Except for Paul Heyman.

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Why I Love Wrestling: CHIKARA

More than just WWE

So the thing about wrestling is that it can be many different things to many different people. Over the years, there have been an insane amount of performers from the biggest promotions in the world, like WWE and NJPW, to the smallest, your local indy show, putting on a show to entertain the fans. One somewhat overlooked aspect of professional wrestling is comedy wrestling. Comedy wrestling has a long-standing tradition of being overlooked by the bookers that run the promotions. Comedy wrestlers are often pushed down the card and not given the respect they deserve.

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