Welcome to the D-List: Troll

A keen eye for good fashion.

Gunna Sijurvald is a half-troll and half-Asgardian girl first introduced in “Thunderbolts” Vol. 1 #145, cover-dated August 2010. At this time in the series’ history, the team, led by heroes Luke Cage and Songbird, consisted of villains Ghost, Moonstone, Crossbones, and Juggernaut. When the criminals were not behind bars, they were tasked with serving the greater Marvel Universe in a heroic capacity. In Gunna’s introductory issue, the Thunderbolts were assigned with apprehending a group of Magzi Trolls after it was reported that these “hobbits” (as Juggernaut so affectionately calls them) had been eating humans.

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Welcome to the D-List: Avalanche

Just some guy sitting on the couch

Avalanche was introduced in Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #141 (Hey so was Pyro!) as part of the newly formed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He was created by legendary writer/X-Men savior Chris Claremont, who was also responsible for introducing many other new mutants to the Marvel Universe. The very first time we see this new Brotherhood, Avalanche is joined by other Claremont creations Pyro and Destiny, as well as returning characters Mystique and Blob.

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Welcome to the D-List: Pyro

He’s not evil. He’s too happy to be evil

Pyro was one of my first connections to the world of comic books. When, as a child, I saw the cover of X-Force, Vol. 1 #5 I understood that Pyro was a villain. The cover showcases The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Toad. Say what you will about Rob Liefeld’s art (are feet really that important?), but I knew immediately that no one on that cover was a super-hero. 

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I love a D-list character…and so can you!

Like discovering treasure on a remote island

The Avengers. The X-Men. Spider-Man. Batman. Superman. The masses love them, and rightfully so. If any of them were two-dimensional campy annoyances (which sometimes they were…I’m looking right at you, Adam West), they couldn’t possibly have stood the test of time as they have. Millions upon millions of people love these decades-old characters, so much so that a mighty few have poured massive amounts of money into making even more massive amounts of money by turning these characters into film franchises.

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