PITAthon 2019: Alex vs. F-Zero GX

Meanwhile, in the world of F-Zero, Nurse Pretendo is being shown some moves. But the mover, is UNAWARE…

Geekade’s taking on one of the toughest racing games around, F-Zero GX for Nintendo GameCube. There’s essentially a 0% chance it will be beaten during the stream, but how long will our victim be able to get? They’d better be prepared, because this might be the hardest game we’ve ever faced..


Saturday, August 10th from Midnight-2am 

Who will be playing:

You may know the name Alex Zwiazek from his various movie reviews on Geekade.com. But while movies are a big part of his existence, the man is also very good at video games. F-Zero GX, however, isn’t just any old video game. Alex loves the game, but it will almost certainly not love him back. Let’s see how it goes. 


Why it’s a pain in the ass:

F-Zero has always been a relatively challenging game about incredibly fast futuristic racing, but GX really ratcheted up the difficulty in its story mode. Not only is GX far and away the fastest game in the series, but it’s without question the most difficult. Completing the missions in the game’s story mode is enough to make you want to snap a GameCube controller right in half, so Alex is definitely going to be tested. Does he have what it takes? He’s going to have to show us his moves for sure.

That’s all for today. Check back next week for our next game announcement, and a fresh Nurse Pretendo adventure!!!

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