SAG Episode 279: Heat Kills All Kinds of Stuff

Show Notes

Dan and Kris kick off a month of thankfulness by discussing some of their favorite creators in the video game industry. This week it’s a double dose of Daves with Dan’s pick of God of War creator David Jaffe, and Kris’ pick of Rare composer David Wise. There’s a lot to love about the work these guys have done, and unsurprisingly, Dan and Kris have plenty to say on the subject.

At the top of the show, Dan talks about how Dean got sucked back into PAD, and the potential awesomeness of an upcoming Elton John concert. Meanwhile, Kris answers some listener mail about how to make Final Fantasy VII playable, his time spent on the “new” arcade game Cruis’n Blast from Nintendo and Raw Thrills, the unrelenting awesomeness that is Terry in Smash Bros. Ultimate, and a whole lot more.

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