The Imbibing Scribe: Garden State Brew Fest 2015 Recap

It’s like Comic-con, except for beer

My friend and fellow beer enthusiast Noah sent me an email about a month before the Garden State Brew Fest that happened on September 26th. I’ve never been to an event like this, but, for various reasons, I anticipated needing a day of outside time and adult beverages around the end of September, so I looked into it. The tickets were more than I usually spend on anything. 

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Oktoberfest Roundup *UPDATE

It’s the most wunderbar time of the year

As we move into the Fall, new beer flavors come to the fore. Unlike summer, when beers become thin and boring, the fall is when beer gets interesting. Today, we’re talking specifically about Oktoberfest beer. This bastion of early autumn is hard to miss in the liquor store. They beat you over the head with display after display of American versions, German classics, and variations on the Oktoberfest theme. Not to mention all the blue and white swag you could want.

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Bits and Brews 005: He’Brew Funky Jewbelation & Abobo’s Big Adventure

L’Chaim Sucka!

L’Chaim or to life, is the way Shmaltz runs their business. Originally a contract brewer, someone who comes up with a recipe but then hires someone or someplace else to brew said recipe, founder Jeremy Cowan opened a fully functional brewing facility in Clifton Park, NY in 2013. Shmaltz is known for their tongue-in-cheek approach to marketing and it shows in perhaps no greater detail in this beer. I mean, look at that label. It is glorious in every respect.

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