Game of Spoilers 007: The Gift

A better title for this episode would have been “Butchers and Meat.”

First of all, I rather enjoyed this episode (except for Dorne, which still sucks). But, let me say this: the obvious through line the writers intended was gifts given between the characters, but that is only a mildly interesting connection. 

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Game of Spoilers 000

How has the HBO show strayed from the source material, and what does it mean for this upcoming season?

I’ve been waiting for the start of season four of Game of Thrones basically since the last episode of season three wrapped. I’m up to date on the books, but, unlike some, I’ve been at least indifferent to almost all of the changes the series has made to the books. I didn’t like seeing Jojen Reed go, and having Braun train Jamie made no sense at all, but generally the changes have been fine.

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