The Road back from the Nintendo World Championships 2015

The games have begun

Well, the road back from the Nintendo World Championships qualifying round was a bit different than the road there. In the days leading up to the event, I was nervous and excited. Upon my return, while I’m still glad I went, I can’t help feeling slightly disappointed, especially as I’ve discovered how differently things went at some of the other tournament locations. 

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The Secret Decline of Mario’s Medical Career

Dr. Mario has the cure for fever and the chills, just not for lazy ports

Mario has had a considerable number of occupations over the years. He’s been a tennis player, a kart racer, a plumber, and even a boxing referee, but one of his most prolific careers is that of Dr. Mario. This puzzle franchise from Intelligent Systems has been a staple in Nintendo’s lineup since 1990, and has appeared on nearly every Nintendo console since. (Sorry, Virtual Boy) However, unlike most other Nintendo franchises, Dr. Mario has endured a strange metamorphosis over the years. Where most games obtain more features with each new iteration, Dr. Mario plays host to a different story.

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