Bits and Brew 006: Calm Before the Storm & Mega Man Legends

Flipping the script

Ballast Point Brewing Company is known for producing high-quality craft beers (with really, really good artwork). One of their more popular offerings is Victory at Sea, an Imperial Porter with cold brew coffee and vanilla added. It’s a seasonal release from October to December that many people look forward to. Victory at Sea strikes a truly wonderful balance between the roasty, chocolate flavors of the porter base and the coffee and vanilla additions. No matter where you look, Victory at Sea is very highly rated. So, it was with trepidation that I approached Calm Before the Storm. See, I love Victory at Sea. 

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Going Small

When games get too big, sometimes it’s refreshing to go small

Back in 2013, Keiji Inafune started a revolution. As the “father of Mega Man”, Inafune had become something of a celebrity in the gaming community. Over the years, he oversaw a multitude of Mega Man projects for Capcom, but nothing lasts forever. Inafune eventually left Capcom and decided to strike out on his own. Not long after, he decided to create a spiritual successor to the classic Mega Man titles of old. Thus Mighty No. 9 and its legendary Kickstarter campaign were born. 

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