WaveBack Episode 128: Dragon Warrior

Show Notes

Matt and Kris celebrate the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest by enjoying the music of the NES version, Dragon Warrior.  

Useful Links

Background Music

  • Every Dragon Warrior song on OC Remix
  • Other versions of the Dragon Quest theme from various other games

Social Stuff

How to make Taco Casserole

  • Bake most of a bag of tater tots nice and crispy.
  • Chop one yellow onion and several cloves of garlic. I usually do between 3-5
  • Start cooking the onion until it starts getting wet, then add the garlic and 1 package of ground turkey (or beef if you prefer)
  • Once that’s all nicely brown, add a medium can of tomato sauce
  • Add 1 can each (and drain & wash them, you savage): whole kernel corn, dark red kidney beans, black beans. 
  • Add about 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley and oregano. Use dried if you don’t have fresh. It’s fine. 
  • Add several dashes of chili powder, depending on how spicy you like it, and salt and pepper to taste. 
  • Grab a bag of doritos and a casserole dish. Dump a bunch of Doritos into the dish and crush them so there’s a nice layer all over the bottom. 
  • Dice a couple of tomatoes. Enough to give the whole thing a good solid coat. 
  • Pour the meat mixture on top of the doritos and level it all out
  • Give it a nice coat of hot sauce if that’s your bag, but totally optional. Mild taco sauce adds a nice flavor too. I like Old El Paso, but you do you. 
  • Cover with the diced tomatoes. I like a nice thick layer
  • Add the cooked tater tots. 
  • Cover with a layer of your choice of cheese. I like a mix of monterey jack and cheddar
  • Bake at 425 until the cheese starters to form a bit of a crisp on the outside. 
  • Enjoy!
  • Bonus: If you’re the kind of person who enjoys it (I am not) feel free to add some sour cream or guac. You can also garnish with chopped scallions. They add a nice texture and some green to make it seem like you’re eating something healthy. 
  • Extra bonus, instead of a fork, use the rest of the doritos in the bag to scoop up the food! This will of course remove any concept that you’re eating something healthy, but that’s up to you. 

Kris Randazzo

Kris is the Content Supervisor of Geekade. As an avid consumer of all things video game, Kris spent his formative years collecting cartridges, CDs, discs, and assorted paraphernalia in an effort to amass a video game collection large enough to kill an elephant. He works with Stone Age Gamer, writing for their blog and hosting the Stone Age Gamer Podcast right here at Geekade. He's also the host of the WaveBack Podcast, co-host of This Week's Episode, and can occasionally be found in the pages of Nintendo Force Magazine.

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