WaveBack Episode 72: 2018 WaveBack Awards

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Matt and Kris decide on the best video game music of 2018 with the first annual WaveBack Awards

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And the nominees are… Best Menu Music * Victory Fanfare – Octopath Traveler by Yasunori Nishiki * Stage Select – Mega Man 11 by Marika Suzuki * Spooky Main Manu – Graveyard Keeper by Hamza el Hamri * Torna – Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna by Yasunori Mitsuda * Guacamelee! 2 Theme (Main Menu) – Guacamelee 2 by Peter Chapman

Best Game Opener * First Steps – Celeste by Lena Raine * Los Manglares – Guacamelee 2 by Rom Di Prisco * CommanderVideo Runs Again – Runner 3 by Matthew Harwood * Prisoner’s Awakening – Dead Cells by Yoann Laulan * Minit’s Awakening – Minit by Jukio Kallio

Best Stage Music * Quillshroom’s Horrors (Quillshroom Marsh) – The Messenger by Rainbowdragoneyes * A Melody to Break the Curse (Music Box) – The Messenger by Rainbowdragoneyes * Fuse Man Stage – Mega Man 11 by Marika Suzuki * Greenpath – Hollow Knight by Christopher Larkin * Sabasaba Desert – Minit by Jukio Kallio

Best cinematic or event music * Scattered and Lost – Celeste by Lena Raine * Shocking Turn of Events – Spider-Man by John Paesano * Lara’s Dream – Shadow of the Tomb Raider by Brian D’Oliveira * Nasty Majesty – Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion by Toru Minegishi, Ryo Nagamatsu, and Shiho Fuji * Primed for Battle – Starlink by Trevor Yulie

Best shop music * Botanist – Blossom Tales by Visager * Weapon Merchant – Dead Cells by Yoann Laulan * Shop – Mega Man 11 by Marika Suzuki * The Arcane Shoppe – The Messenger by Rainbowdragoneyes * Mouth Verbalmeyer – Runner 3 by Matthew Harwood

Best boss music * Weight of a Doubt – Dandara by ThommazK * They Who Govern Reason – Octopath Traveler by Yasunori Nishiki * Not the Boss of Me – Runner 3 by Matthew Harwood * Phantom Legacy – The Messenger by Rainbowdragoneyes * New Boss Theme – Guacamelee 2 by Peter Chapman

Best soundtrack from a remake/remaster * DKC Tropical Freeze by David Wise * Lumines Remastered by Takayuki Nakamura and Katsumi Yokota * Shadow of the Colossus by Kow Otani * Pokemon Let’s Go by Shota Kageyama * Katamari Damacy Reroll by Yuu Miyake, Asuka Sakai, Akitaka Tohyama, Hideki Tobeta, Yoshihito Yano, and Yuri Misumi

Best original song * Scattered and Lost – Celeste by Lena Raine * CommanderVideo Runs Again – Runner 3 by Matthew Harwood * A Melody to Break the Curse – The Messenger by Rainbowdragoneyes * Minit’s Awakening – Minit by Jukio Kallio * Los Manglares – Guacamelee 2 by Rom Di Prisco

Best original soundtrack * Celeste by Lena Raine * Guacamelee 2 by Peter Chapman (aka Coins), Rom Di Prisco and Mariachi Entertainment System * Minit by Jukio Kallio * The Messenger by Rainbowdragoneyes * Runner 3 by Matthew Harwood and Stemage

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