WILW: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Johnny Gargano

I had something totally different planned for this week. I started writing it, but this match, this fucking match, just wouldn’t let go. Last week at NXT Takeover: Philadelphia, Johnny Gargano took on NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas in what may well go down as the match of the year. (much the same way Omega and Okada put on the match of the year in January last year) This is without question the best match in the history of NXT and may very well be the best match in WWE history. Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, is famous for his match rating scale. Take any big event, search some message boards/forums, and you’ll see people asking about and critiquing Meltzer’s ratings. This match received 5 stars, the highest rating. It was the first 5 star WWE match since 2011 when John Cena vs CM Punk took home the honor. It joins a small list, five previous, of WWE matches worthy of the five star rating, again according to Meltzer. If WWE plays their cards right, a dubious probability at best, they could have two potential megastars ready and waiting. Take a look at the match below. Let it sit with you. I defy you to not take a vested interest, no matter if you are a wrestling fan or not. Everything is top notch. I cannot wait to see what comes down the pike for these two. Join me next week for a look at another wrestling faction and make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram, @geekadedan, for more nonsense. Until then…



Dan Ryan

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