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About 2 years ago, Nintendo Power announced that it was coming to an end, and with it, my lifelong dream of writing for them. Print magazines had been ceasing publication left and right, but even still, the announcement came as a shock. What started as a relentlessly charming glorified ad campaign for Nintendo had transformed over the years into an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, honest, and fun magazine. It was everything print media should be, and having spent lots of time over the years collecting every single issue, I admired its evolution over the years. Its cancellation hit me hard, but as it turned out, I was not alone.

The first and last issues of one of the best video game publications of all time.
The first and last issues of one of the best video game publications of all time.

Not long after the final Nintendo Power went to print, some of the best writers in the industry had secretly banded together to carry on the legacy NP had left behind. Like me, they had always loved the magazine, and as such, didn’t want to live in a world without an honest to goodness printed Nintendo magazine to find in their mailboxes on a regular basis. They created Nintendo Force, picked up right where Nintendo Power left off, and they did it in style. Pulling inspiration from the magazine’s past as well as the sleek new format it had evolved into, Nintendo Force is filled with original comics, reviews, previews, and some top notch writing from the industry’s top talent, hailing from the likes of IGN, Destructoid, Nintendo World Report, and more. I, for one, subscribed the very moment I was able to, and I haven’t looked back since.

As I stated earlier, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to write for Nintendo Power. Unfortunately, that will never happen, but when the opportunity to literally do the next best thing arose, I jumped at it. A few months ago, it was my honor to “Join the Force” and I have successfully contributed two articles (so far) to this glorious publication. It’s one of my most proud accomplishments, and I can never thank the folks at Nintendo Force enough for the opportunity.

Issue 8 of Nintendo Force. My very first published work. (Yes, my mom is very proud.)
Issue 8 of Nintendo Force. My very first published work. (Yes, my mom is very proud.)

I could go on and on about how awesome this experience has been, but the ride is just beginning. NF is in its second year, and they have just issued a challenge. If they can get 100 new subscribers by the end of September, we all get Super Smash Bros. posters. New subscribers, old subscribers, all of us. Nice ones, too. Featuring official character art on one side, and original art from Thor Thorvaldson on the back.

What I’m getting at is, you should subscribe to this magazine. It’s tough out there for print media, but Nintendo Force is a fantastic example of what the medium still has to offer. It’s affordable, filled with great original content, and really places a focus on the joy of gaming in a way that very few other media outlets do. Go to this link, and give it a try. They’re running a special that will get you 3 issues for just $10. It’s a great way to get your feet wet, and I can just about guarantee that once you get your mitts on one of these, you’ll renew that subscription the first chance you get.

Follow the link, and check it out. It’s available in both print and digital. Let’s all get Smash Bros. posters, and do our part to help keep print alive.

Kris Randazzo

Kris is the Content Supervisor of Geekade. As an avid consumer of all things video game, Kris spent his formative years collecting cartridges, CDs, discs, and assorted paraphernalia in an effort to amass a video game collection large enough to kill an elephant. He works with Stone Age Gamer, writing for their blog and hosting the Stone Age Gamer Podcast right here at Geekade. He's also the host of the WaveBack Podcast, co-host of This Week's Episode, and can occasionally be found in the pages of Nintendo Force Magazine.

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