Why I Love Wrestling: TLC Predictions

Another month means another PPV from the crew at WWE. This month sees the extremely, see what I did there, gimmicky Tables, Ladders, and Chairs event. Flashing back to the more extreme matches of the 90’s every December, WWE puts on a show that is really nothing more than a place holder for the Royal Rumble build up and the road to Wrestlemania. WWE is in a bad way right now with a ton of people injured and content that is simply not very compelling. The holes are starting to show, the lipstick is off the pig, but I am here regardless. I’ve seen worse, Heidenreich I’m looking at you buddy, and with so many elements in play there is a chance of a great match or two. So settle in and get ready as we go to the extreme with this month’s predictions.

Ryback VS Rusev

Rusev is back from injury and part of the League of Nations storyline playing out with the Authority. Ryback is a wrestler. So, match. Not really sure why this one is happening to be honest. Rusev is great, Ryback is a wrestler. The match will certainly be hard hitting but overall will not have much of an impact on either man’s story right now which is one of the many problems WWE is facing. Prediction – Rusev

Charlotte (c) VS Paige – Divas Championship

Ughh, that belt. I really thought that once the women of NXT got the call up that we would get to go back to a Women’s Championship but oh no, it’s still a fucking butterfly. Because reasons I suppose. Anyway, the diva’s revolution has been so poorly handled that it doesn’t really matter what happens here. These two were a team for about a minute before they booked Paige to be bitchy. Now, they fight every week it seems. Bathroom break match unfortunately. Prediction – Charlotte

ECW Guys VS The Wyatt Family

Well The Dudley Boys are back in WWE so table match. This should be a fun match with a lot of big spots. All eight of these men can take a beating. There is no storyline progression here, just good ol’ fashioned slobberknockery. The Wyatt’s do need the win though and I fully expect them to get it here. Prediction – The Wyatt Family

Alberto Del Rio (c) VS Jack Swagger – US Championship 

Del Rio made his surprise return last month beating John Cena and taking the US belt. Since then he has already had his opening angle, being paired with the former racist Zeb Colter, dropped and been placed in the League of Nations. Jack Swagger is here because “Murica I guess. These two have had really good matches before and I expect this one to be just as good as the previous. No way does Swagger win though. Prediction – Del Rio

Lucha Dragons VS New Day (c) VS The Usos – Tag Team Championship

Without question the New Day is the best thing going in WWE right now. There are the most entertaining thing on RAW week in and week out and are really the only thing even remotely must see. The Lucha Dragons are damn fun to watch though and the Usos are there as well so good for them. This match should be hectic with a bunch of high flying stuff and some borderline dangerous stuff from Big E. This has a chance to be match of the night and should be super solid overall. Prediction – New Day

Kevin Owens (c) VS Dean Ambrose – IC Championship

This is the only match I really care about on this card. Owens may be my favorite wrestler today. He is so good at every little thing. Ambrose is no slouch either. These two should have an absolutely stellar match. They are both at the top of their game right now. Owens has been sick the last few weeks so there has not been as much build up as there could or should have been for this. Regardless, I’m psyched. I expect to see the match of the night right here and for Owens to win. These two could have a long feud ahead of them and switching the belt right now wouldn’t make a ton of sense. Prediction – Kevin Owens

Sheamus (c) VS Roman Reigns – World Heavyweight Championship

I cannot think of a more lackluster main event to close the year. It’s not that either guy is bad. In fact, Sheamus is doing really solid work right now. So is Reigns. It’s just so damn predictable. With the injury to Seth Rollins the door was open for something new. Instead we got something everyone could see coming a mile away. Anyway, this match will be decent if boring at times. Expect a few big spots and some chicanery to cost Roman the match. He’s getting the belt at Mania I feel. And man what a shit show that will be. Until then, enjoy Sheamus as champ. Prediction – Sheamus

So there you have it. A rather uninspiring card to close the year. Hopefully, with Royal Rumble around the corner, things start to pick up. Even if they don’t, I’ll be here. Every week. Because I made a promise to you and dammit if I won’t stick to it. Follow me on twitter, @geekadedan, and bitch or cheer TLC with me in real time.

Dan Ryan

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