Judging by Covers

When it comes to comics, you should totally judge a book by its cover

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by a cover, and typically this is actually referring to people, and I have to agree with this idiom.  But when it comes to books, especially comic books, judging by the cover is typically a large factor in the decision making.  That’s like saying we shouldn’t judge a movie by its trailer, when in fact that is exactly what you should do. 

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Comics Are My Drug, and I Need a Hit

Alex has issues. (Get it?)

For every collector there is that “Holy Grail” item that a collection could not be complete without.  If you’re a philatelist (stamp collector) it may be the British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta stamp, or if you prefer coins you might be in the hunt for an 1849 Double Eagle (Google these to see how much they’ve sold for).  If, however, you happen to be a comic fan there’s usually two different comics at the top of your list.  One of them is either going to be Action Comics #1 or Detective Comics #27, the first appearances of Superman and Batman respectively, for obvious reasons.  

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