Geekade Top Ten: James Bond Movies

Which Bond is the best Bond?

Is Sean Connery versus Roger Moore the classic debate of who was the best Bond? It’s not because Sean Connery blows him out of the water. I’m talking early Sean Connery though. After Goldfinger, his high water mark as Bond, the quality of Connery’s movies continued on a downward trend and the series really ended up as a parody of itself through the 70s. This is why Roger Moore’s movies will not be gracing this list.

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A Lifelong Bond

Jon tells the story of his first interaction with James Bond

I don’t remember the first time I played Goldeneye, but I still remember the layout of almost every level.  All of the objectives on every difficulty became burned into my memory a long time ago. The stylishness of all the spy gadgets and missions touched off a feeling of obsession that we can all relate to.  I just had to have more.  Many of us who fell in love with what is arguably  the only great James Bond game poured hours into every mode it  offered and hoped the franchise would just keep on going.  Unfortunately, the Bond franchise peeked right there in 1997. 

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