SAG Episode 69: The Braindead Yokel Channel

Finally, we talk about what we’re playing

After weeks of having people and/or important things to talk about, Dan, Dean, and Kris finally take some time to catch up with what games they’ve been playing, what Luigis they’ve been mansioning, what Marios they’ve been making, what metals gears they’ve been soliding, and what Donkeys they’ve been longing, among other things.

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Lost in Time: Metal Gear Solid (GBC)

A forgotten chapter in a legendary series

Metal Gear Solid V may very well signify the end of an era for the Metal Gear Franchise, what with Kojima and Konami not exactly being best buds these days. So, what’s a Metal Gear fan to do? How will they occupy themselves once the MGS V well runs dry? Why, delve into the back-catalog, of course! There have been a ton of games in the Metal Gear franchise over the years, and while some of the more obscure titles haven’t exactly been of the highest caliber (I’m looking at you Ac!d) there was one oddity that lives up to the legacy. 

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