Welcome to Geekade

G33klife has come to an end… sort of. 

Actually, G33klife is leveling up, and evolving into a brand new site called Geekade! What’s different, you ask? Well, on the surface, not too much. It’s still the place to go for fresh, original geek-related content, but everything is about to get bigger. There will be new podcasts, new video series, new articles, new live shows, and that’s just the beginning. So take a look around, and see what’s what, and let us know what you think! As always, we welcome your feedback. In fact, it’s what has made us what we are. And the fun is just beginning.

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Lost in Time: Toy Commander

More imagination than you can shake a cyborg teddy bear at

The more modern games get, the less likely they are to be lost and gone forever. Or, so one would think. Strange things happen in the video game industry, and companies come and go all the time. Nowhere was this sentiment more prevalent than during the Dreamcast era. Not quite old enough to be retro, but not quite new enough to be considered current, Sega’s little white box that couldn’t brought us some truly fantastic games, some of which can still only be played on the console they were designed for. One of those was a humble little game about toys, destruction, and the limitless joy of a child’s imagination.

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Amiibotched? How Nintendo of America Let a Sure Thing (Almost) Get Away

Nintendo is more than just Mario

Nintendo wants more people like me. I’m a fanatic. I love their games, characters, and worlds, and I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. When Nintendo announced their line of Amiibo figures, my first thought was at how 6 year old me would have been flipping out about them. Today, I’m thinking about how disappointed 6 year old me would be. 

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Lost in Time: Snake Rattle n’ Roll

It’s all about the Nibbley Pibbleys

Platformers were everywhere on the NES. Sure, there were many different types of games on the console, but no genre was more prevalent than the almighty platformer. You had plumbers, superheroes, children vaguely endorsed by McDonald’s, and anthropomorphic frogs. However, as broad as the genre was, every once in a while a platformer found a way to go against the grain. All you needed was a pair of sneaky snakes, a rockin’ soundtrack, and an isometric 3D perspective. 

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Lost in Time: Midnight Magic

Way better than Video Pinball

Pinball and video games go hand in hand. They’ve been linked to one another since the golden age of arcades, but there’s nothing quite as connecting as the pinball video game. For generations, game makers have been trying to bring the pinball experience home without having to spend thousands of dollars on an actual pinball machine. Atari made a few attempts, and eventually got it right. The end result was, well, magic.

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