Why I Love Wrestling: CHIKARA

More than just WWE

So the thing about wrestling is that it can be many different things to many different people. Over the years, there have been an insane amount of performers from the biggest promotions in the world, like WWE and NJPW, to the smallest, your local indy show, putting on a show to entertain the fans. One somewhat overlooked aspect of professional wrestling is comedy wrestling. Comedy wrestling has a long-standing tradition of being overlooked by the bookers that run the promotions. Comedy wrestlers are often pushed down the card and not given the respect they deserve.

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Lost in Time: Blaster Master 2

Blasting again

Blaster Master for NES is awesome. With a Metroid-style open world, top notch graphics, and a fantastic soundtrack, there’s little not to love about the original Blaster Master. What most people don’t know, is just how many sequels it got. From Game Boy to PlayStation, Sunsoft has been trying to recreate the success of the original for years. Way back in 1993, while the NES was reaching the end of its days, Sunsoft wanted to make a 16-bit sequel to their flagship title. Blaster Master 2, however, wouldn’t be what fans expected.

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Lost in Time: D/Generation

Avoid the bouncing balls

Of all the video games that have slipped through the cracks over the years, Robert Cook’s D/Generation is perhaps the most unjustly obscure. This PC title from 1991 is a wonderful gem that suffered from poor marketing all around. To date, I only know 2 people besides myself that have even heard of D/Generation, and that’s shame. Featuring clever puzzles, bizarre enemy design, and some hilariously weird dialogue, it’s a mystery why more people haven’t played it.

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