Geekade Top Ten: Sega Master System Games

The Sega Master System is 30 years old. 

30 years ago, the Sega Mark III was released in Japan, so The Stone Age Gamer Podcast’s Dan Ryan and Kris Randazzo decided to rank the best that the console had to offer. Released in North America in 1986, the Sega Master System was a direct competitor to the NES. And while the system was wildly successful in both Europe and Brazil, it ultimately sold fairly poorly in Japan and North America tallying about thirteen million units sold. (Which sounds good, until you realize the NES sold about sixty-two million units…) 

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Geekade Top Ten: Muppets

It’s time to light the lights

From Fraggles to frogs, The Muppets have seen a big resurgence following the smashing success of the 2011 movie starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Last year’s Muppets Most Wanted with Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey did admirably as well. Sesame Street was picked up by HBO in a deal that has the potential to get the seminal children’s series a broader audience and higher production values than ever before, and Fraggle Rock’s addition to Hulu has resulted in some big exposure and a brand new audience, leading to a new series based around the Doozers and a new movie supposedly in the works from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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Geekade Top Ten: Colors

The definitive list

Everyone loves colors. This is a well-documented scientific fact, so I won’t bother debating that here. Though the question remains: What is the greatest color of them all? This question has plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization and it’s about time we answer it once and for all. Gone will be the endless bloodshed over the virtues of primary versus secondary colors, for we here at Geekade have definitively ranked the top ten colors.

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Geekade Top Ten: Horror Novels

What are the best horror novels of all time? Here’s Alex’s opinion. 

By now most of you know me as a comic fan, and while that will always be true, there’s another world of geek in me that was born about the same time.  Evident from my new book, “Nightmare Noir” (available here), I’m also a horror fan. I’ve long been fascinated with the macabre.  With that in mind, I present to you my top ten horror books (not written by me).

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Geekade Top Ten: James Bond Movies

Which Bond is the best Bond?

Is Sean Connery versus Roger Moore the classic debate of who was the best Bond? It’s not because Sean Connery blows him out of the water. I’m talking early Sean Connery though. After Goldfinger, his high water mark as Bond, the quality of Connery’s movies continued on a downward trend and the series really ended up as a parody of itself through the 70s. This is why Roger Moore’s movies will not be gracing this list.

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Geekade Top Ten: New Series Doctor Who Companions

10 years after the Doctor’s return to TV, we rate his best friends

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of Doctor Who’s return to our tv screens. “Rose” first aired in the UK on March 26th, 2005, and the show has become a pop culture juggernaut in the ensuing years, a fate unimaginable to those Whovians like me who were on board in the era of what’s now considered “Classic Who.”

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Geekade Top Ten: Nintendo Franchises That Should be Animated Series

How are these not cartoons already?

In episode 35 of the Stone Age Gamer Podcast, the topic of video game cartoons was discussed. Naturally, the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Captain N the Game Master were mentioned, and it reminded me of a magnificent time. Nintendo used to have cartoons. Granted, in retrospect these shows don’t hold up so well. They have their charm, but when viewed critically, they leave much to be desired.

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