Why I Love Wrestling: Match of the Year contender 004

Another name in the hat for Match of the Year

New Japan puts on their biggest show of the year, Wrestle Kingdom, in January. This year, Wrestle Kingdom 9, was a huge step forward for NJPW. In addition to have some truly incredible matches on the card, it was simulcast in America with English commentary.  Jim Ross and Matt Striker called the card live in Japan. And the excitement Jim Ross displays during his commentary is infectious. 

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Why I Love Wrestling: Jake “The Snake” Roberts

The creator of the DDT and one of the greatest workers of all time gets some love

Jake Roberts, son of professional wrestler Grizzly Smith, has never worn gold in the WWE. Not one time. Which, on the surface, seems a crime. Here is a guy who is objectively one of the greatest in ring performers of his generation. Wrestlers working today credit Roberts as a major influence on their careers. His promos are legendary. His in ring psychology is second to none. His finisher, the DDT, was his creation and has been absorbed into the repertoire of numerous performers. His feuds with Macho Man, Steamboat, and Andre are some of the best ever. He is without question, a living legend. So why no title?

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Why I Love Wrestling: Match of the Year contender 3 – Sasha vs Bayley

NXT Takeover set a high bar during Summer Slam weekend. This match however, put that bar out of reach.

Two weeks ago, maybe more depending on when you are reading this, the WWE was in Brooklyn for three nights of shows. They ran back to back to back nights in the Barclays Center, a rather unusual move in the realm of sports and entertainment. I know that I was glued to my TV for all three events, NXT Takeover/Summer Slam/RAW, and even though the time commitment was large, it was overall a very satisfying weekend of pro wrestling. My favorite event, not surprising if you are a follower of these posts, was NXT Takeover.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Kyle O’Reilly

Let’s just get this out of the way, Kyle O’Reilly is a future superstar.

There is no doubt in my mind that one day Kyle will have a nation of fans tuning in every Monday night to watch him perform, IF that is what he wants. The sky is the limit with his kind of talent. He reminds me an awful lot of Daniel Bryan and that is not a comparison I make lightly. He is cut from the same cloth, an incredibly hard worker who is better than most in the ring. He has a good look in regards to WWE as well. He has future champion written all over him. The very thought of him joining NXT, and the matches he would have, and subsequently WWE, and the big time PPV matches he could have is as tantalizing as could be.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Extreme Rules Predictions

One night a year the WWE reminds us…. that ECW is not a thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time of year again. The time of year where your favorite WWE superstars take things to the extreme! The follow up to WrestleMania this year is again Extreme Rules, and it is a stacked card. It seems as though there are more gimmick matches than in previous years and I am all for it.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Quite the pair

These two have, obviously, been friends for years. They have wrestled together as a team and against each other in many different promotions around the world. Their matches have always been top notch, steal the show type affairs. Their previous personas of El Generico and Kevin Steen, I’ll let you figure out which is which because you’re a smart audience, are responsible for the featured match this week.

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Why I Love Wrestling: Candice LeRae

Nerdy references galore

Simply put, Candice LeRae is the best female wrestler on the planet. It isn’t because she has tons of geek cred, which she does (enough that she is Geekade’s official favorite wrestler). It isn’t because she’s attractive, which she is, hell it’s not even because she’s Canadian (we here at Geekade are big time Canadaphiles). See, Candice is not just a pretty girl that learned to wrestle so that she could further some sort of, let’s be honest in regards to most “divas”, movie star/model career aspiration. She is a wrestler first and foremost.

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