Twenty Years of Love and Justice: Sailor Moon Then & Now

Is the new Sailor Moon the guardian we’ve boon looking for?

When Sailor Moon Crystal was first announced, I wasn’t sure how to feel. It was the reboot I never knew I wanted, though I remained concerned about the quality of the series. After all, we live in the Age of Reboots and it’s typically a heck of a coin toss whether or not they will be any good; I’m looking at you, Spider-Man, Total Recall, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. If Sailor Moon Crystal was a dismal wreck of a revival, I just wasn’t sure my heart could take it.

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Game of Spoilers 000

How has the HBO show strayed from the source material, and what does it mean for this upcoming season?

I’ve been waiting for the start of season four of Game of Thrones basically since the last episode of season three wrapped. I’m up to date on the books, but, unlike some, I’ve been at least indifferent to almost all of the changes the series has made to the books. I didn’t like seeing Jojen Reed go, and having Braun train Jamie made no sense at all, but generally the changes have been fine.

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Judging by Covers

When it comes to comics, you should totally judge a book by its cover

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by a cover, and typically this is actually referring to people, and I have to agree with this idiom.  But when it comes to books, especially comic books, judging by the cover is typically a large factor in the decision making.  That’s like saying we shouldn’t judge a movie by its trailer, when in fact that is exactly what you should do. 

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Good-bye, Mr. Spock

Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy

Hello, there! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a weirdo. You may recognize me as the quiet girl from school who always knew how to answer the teacher’s questions but never knew how to talk to other kids; or the strange kid on the bus that was reading actual, not assigned books instead of talking and laughing with everyone else like she was supposed to. Yup, that’s me. Some people thought I was elitist and didn’t talk because all you plebeians were beneath me. Some people thought I was a dweeb and therefore unworthy. Whatever they thought, very few made the effort.

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The Secret Decline of Mario’s Medical Career

Dr. Mario has the cure for fever and the chills, just not for lazy ports

Mario has had a considerable number of occupations over the years. He’s been a tennis player, a kart racer, a plumber, and even a boxing referee, but one of his most prolific careers is that of Dr. Mario. This puzzle franchise from Intelligent Systems has been a staple in Nintendo’s lineup since 1990, and has appeared on nearly every Nintendo console since. (Sorry, Virtual Boy) However, unlike most other Nintendo franchises, Dr. Mario has endured a strange metamorphosis over the years. Where most games obtain more features with each new iteration, Dr. Mario plays host to a different story.

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You Say “Fangirl” Like It’s a Bad Thing

Does the word “Fangirl” really have to be a bad thing?

Close your eyes. Picture a “fangirl.” Now, let me guess. You’ve conjured up a flighty young woman in her teens or twenties, whose every possession is adorned with imagery from her favorite pop culture property and whose every thought, conversation, and action is based around her obsession. She travels in a pack of like-minded individuals and has trouble functioning in society. 

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Why I Love Wrestling: Candice LeRae

Nerdy references galore

Simply put, Candice LeRae is the best female wrestler on the planet. It isn’t because she has tons of geek cred, which she does (enough that she is Geekade’s official favorite wrestler). It isn’t because she’s attractive, which she is, hell it’s not even because she’s Canadian (we here at Geekade are big time Canadaphiles). See, Candice is not just a pretty girl that learned to wrestle so that she could further some sort of, let’s be honest in regards to most “divas”, movie star/model career aspiration. She is a wrestler first and foremost.

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A Lifelong Bond

Jon tells the story of his first interaction with James Bond

I don’t remember the first time I played Goldeneye, but I still remember the layout of almost every level.  All of the objectives on every difficulty became burned into my memory a long time ago. The stylishness of all the spy gadgets and missions touched off a feeling of obsession that we can all relate to.  I just had to have more.  Many of us who fell in love with what is arguably  the only great James Bond game poured hours into every mode it  offered and hoped the franchise would just keep on going.  Unfortunately, the Bond franchise peeked right there in 1997. 

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